Friday, April 18, 2008

Mister Jack

Mister Jack is our travel companion. He is intrepid, though I wouldn't say fearless. He wants to go where we go and he is very adaptable. He doesn't like being left behind. When we kayak, he is Captain Jack. When we cross-country ski, he is Jack of the North. It is only natural that he will accompany us on our big bike trip. Belinda counts on him to be our cuteness ambassador, Dave just hopes he doesn't bite anyone, or get eaten by coyotes. He will be a joy and a trial. He is better entertainment than TV that's for sure. Jack loves to chase things; tennis balls, frisbees, snowballs, and bubbles in the water ... you name it he will chase it ( oh.. let us not leave out cats!). He will travel in a trailer and afoot as conditions allow. He has already bonded with the trailer, in which he sleeps when in camp. We worry a bit about how Jack will adapt to motel culture as he is something of a watch dog. In any case, Jack will add a great deal of richness to our adventure!