Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chester to Harrisburg

We left Chester (Birthplace of Popeye the Sailor) under an overcast sky and for awhile we thought we were back in the Ozarks, up and down, up and down... but eventually the country became gently rolling as in the picture above. The two churches in the picture (click on the picture to see better) are Lutheran churches way out in the country. Now why on earth are there two Lutheran churches within sight of each other way out in the country? Inquiring minds want to know. At day's end we rode into Carbondale where we visited The Bike Surgeon bike shop for some adjustment to the headset of Dave's bike which had become loose. We were also shopping for a new tire for the dog cart, but the right size tire was not to be had. So we have to hope our one badly worn cart tire makes it to the next bike shop.

Needing a mental break from hills, we took a detour from the Adventure Cycling Trans-Am route, and left Carbondale on Hwy 13 which runs due east and flat. This deviation will save us about a day of travel as well. In route we passed Crab Orchard Lake. Tomorrow we will enter Kentucky and stay at a biker only hostel in Sebree.

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