Friday, September 5, 2008

Trip Statistics and Some Opinions

As we travelled farther east people seemed to be really surprised at our trip. We kept explaining that it wasn't that hard if you thought of it as a bunch of small trips. This idea, the fact of the day after day travel, left us with some impressions to share with you. We also wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the trip.

Total miles ridden = 4033
Total trip miles (between destinations) = 3934
Total miscellaneous miles (shopping, laundry, sightseeing) = 99

Longest day (miles) = 78.4, Eureka, NV to Ely, NV
Longest day (hours) = 8:01 hours spent riding, excluding breaks, meals, etc. , Rico, CO over Lizard Head Pass (10,000 ft. +) to Ridgway, CO, tent was erected in dusk and dinner eaten in the dark
Shortest day (miles) = 14.9, 3000 ft. climb from Cedar City, UT to Cedar Cyn. Campground
Shortest day (hours) = 2:01 hours spent climbing Carson Pass in snowstorm to Sorenson's Resort just east of Carson Pass over the Sierra Nevada in California

Days of riding = 88
Trip duration = May 12 - Sept. 1
Number of tires worn out = 7, 5 bicycle, 2 trailer
Number of flats = more than 10, lost track
Least number of flats = trailer had no flats during entire trip (thorn proof tubes)

Most difficult terrain - Utah, the Ozarks of Missouri were very difficult as well
Least difficult terrain - Coastal plain of Virginia (the Tidewater), flatter than Kansas.
Worst climb - 4500 ft. in 28 miles from Cedar City, UT to the top of Cedar Breaks Natl. Monument (10,222 ft.)
Best descent - 2000 ft. in 14 miles from Natural Bridges Natl. Monument, UT to the bottom of Comb Wash, UT. Dave hit 47 mph with trailer and Belinda hit 42 mph.

Most extremes - California, rode in 100 degree weather and freezing temperatures in full snowstorm
Most rain - Nevada (the desert), due to late spring storm
Highest heat and Humidity - Missouri

Roadkill - whose frequency impressed us
Nevada - pronghorn antelope
Utah - bungees (1000's)
Kansas - turtles
Missouri - armadillos
New roadkill sightings (for Dave and Belinda) - badger, porcupine, river otter

Cultural Observations
Kansas - best city parks (showers and pools), most museums (1 per town) and most American flags
Missouri - most unusual mailboxes
Kentucky - most convenience stores
Virginia - most cemetaries
USA - Americans are nice people

motels, private campgrounds, county fairgrounds, national recreation areas, national monuments, state parks, city parks, historical parks, courthouse lawns, volunteer fire departments, log cabins, hunting lodge, bed and breakfasts, private homes , churches, historical society, a biker hostel and a few campsites where we just pulled off the road a ways and found a tentsite and called it a day.

Possible titles for books based on trip
How to Eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in a Convenience Store
The Good Karma of Waving at Patient Drivers


Michael Podolny said...

Congratulations on your great accomplishment...and for setting new standards of roadkill sightings!

Dave and Belinda said...

Hi Michael, we actually thought of doing a much more scientific survey of the road kill in the states we passed through, but somehow never got a round tuit.