Saturday, June 18, 2011

It was a dark and stormy day

We laid in bed listening to the rain at 6:00 and then we watched the rain coming down at 8:00 at breakfast. Finally there was some clearing and we loaded up and left Barcelonette. We descended the gorge of the Ubaye river and it is impressive.

The river drops significantly and appears to have flows/rapids equivalent or better than the upper Colorado river. We saw many rafting company venues along the road. The mountains were obscured, but sometimes we had a view.

The river is dammed and this beautiful lake fills the lower gorge.

About 1:30 we noticed a particularly heavy squall coming our way. We dove off the main road into a seemly deserted village. We pulled our bikes under cover on the patio of a bar that seemed closed just as the rain poured down. We sat and enjoyed our picnic lunch as the downpour spent itself. As we were leaving town we observed that the townsfolk had gathered for a barbecue at the school on the other side of town.
As the afternoon wore on the hills became rounder on top and the gorge opened into a valley. The rain came less frequently and the clouds began to break up. By 4:00 o'clock we reached Tallard. Just out of town we found our hotel for the night. By dinner time the sky had finally cleared. Here is a view looking back the way we had come.

Tomorrow we leave the river and continue in a southwest direction on Hwy. D942. The forecast is for a nice day, we are sure ready for that!


Leslie said...

Yoohoo! Happy Father's Day, David. Aside from the rain, France looks beautiful! I just got back from a week at the cabin - perfect weather, finally - summer was a long time coming in the sierras... I finished painting the windows, trim and screens on everything but the upstairs windows - it looks really good if you don't look up! I stuck with the dark brown trim and window paint in front, but I changed the color on the screens to red - it's surprising how such a little shot of color can make such a difference - it's looks so much friendlier...the side windows are painted to match the windows around the deck - so cute.

Dave and Belinda said...

Thanks Daniel, I miss you guys. Love, Dad

Hi Leslie, thanks for putting in all that hard work. I'm sure it looks great! I seem to remember that red was the original color of the screen frames.

Love to all