Friday, June 10, 2011

Varese to Arona

After we left the bikes at the bike shop in Varese Wednesday night to get new brakes, we noticed this giant sequoia on the way back to the hotel. It really piqued our interest, who had planted this tree 200 - 300 years ago? Where had they gotten the seeds?

The restaurant beneath our hotel was a happening scene. Our early dinner habits paid off because at 7:00 we were the only diners, but people were waiting for tables at 8:00. We had one of our best dinners in Italy; the entrees were cooked perfectly, the extra dishes and after dinner grappa were unexpected, and the service was great. Belinda had lamb kabab done to perfection and Dave had cuts of beef done rare with rosemary and whole green pepper corns.
We left Varese and rode along a bike path next to Lago Varese for about ten kilometers. Then struck out across rolling country for the eastern shore of Lago Maggiore. The country around this lake is not so mountainous as the other lakes we visited but still beautiful.

At one point we came across a rowing club boat house and observed this fellow getting his workout.

Today we had no rain. Though there were big threatening thunder clouds all around, we rode dry. It seemed like a wonderful novelty. There are strong predictions of rain for the next couple of nights, but during the days a much reduced likelihood of showers. It seems as though this weather pattern is finally beginning to change! Yippee!
Next we turn southwest and begin to head past Torino for Cuneo, where we will turn west again to cross over Col Larche into France. We still have a way to go, but France is now in our sights!

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