Monday, August 8, 2011

The Moor

Sunday morning was windy and the clouds were on the horizon. We headed west and soon came to Bovey Castle, a large English manor house.

The golf course next to the house had a challenging rough, your ball would be lost in a thicket of ferns or blackberries. A little farther down the road was a miniature horse farm.

We had several challenging climbs (well actually pushes of the bike) before we got up above the trees into the moor. We came around a corner and saw a herd of Dartmoor cattle. This fellow was right next to the road.

We've seen a lot of wildlife in the park including the fallow deer and the famed wild Dartmoor ponies. This mother and foal were spooked by our bicycles.

The flowers on the moor were small, but everywhere.

We had several rain showers during the day and a strong headwind all afternoon. The sky was dramatic and the landscape kept our attention.

At the end of the day we descended off the moor into Tavistock. We canvassed the town but there were no rooms to be had. All five B&Bs and the one hotel were full. Rain was coming. The owner of the last B&B we tried knew of a B&B 3.5 miles outside of town and kindly called for us. They had a room. We booked the room and then had dinner at a restaurant in town before riding out to our B&B. We arrived in the rain and got a very warm welcome from our hosts, Tony and Jane. Tomorrow we ride towards the coast again and hope to get as far as St. Austell, we'll just have to see what the bicycling gods have in store for us.


Diana said...

The scenery must offset some of the challenges...beautiful. I expect to see James Herriott (the country vet and author of All Creatures Great and Small) in one of your photos!

Dave and Belinda said...

Hi Diana, the scenery does make it worthwhile. Also we have enjoyed the B&Bs and the pubs - lots of fun! We haven't run into Dr. Herriott yet but when we do we will tell him you said hello!