Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Observations in southwest England

In each new country on this trip we have had to learn some new roadsigns. Most of the signs are international and fairly easy to understand. Some of the signs we worked up translations for just to make sure our interpretation was right. In England, no translation is necessary but sometimes we have been at a loss. We saw the following sign in Dartmoor National park.

Zebras in Dartmoor? Here was the new zebra.

Most people associate double-decker buses with London. Here was the local bus in Helston.

At the hotels we've had the most unusual bike storage areas. Yes, our bikes are in the cooler with the ales.

The VW van is alive and well as a vehicle in this area. This one is representative of many that we have seen.

We have ridden on some very small roads, lanes in fact. The traffic on the lanes goes slow and pulls into little wide spots to let other traffic go by. Here is one of the "wide spots".

We have found the drivers to be patient and polite. Many main roads through small towns are reduced to one lane due to parked cars in one lane. Drivers from both directions approach that spot carefully and take turns passing through the area. We think that the physical dimensions of the roads have made drivers here to be thoughtful and considerate. By the way,you can tell you are in England when there is a sign in the bathroom saying "Please don't put tea bags down the toilet".

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