Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rest Day in Baker

After two long days totalling over 140 miles, we needed a rest day and some time to explore Great Basin National Park. Bill, Pete, Susan and John decided to go hiking/snowshoeing to the Bristlecone Pines. Dave and Belinda decided to see the world famous Lehman Caves. They were dropped at the Caves with their bikes to ride back to the motel since the hikers might be out longer. The caves were amazing with many unusual features. There were huge columns, shields, and draperies. One room was called the bacon room because light shined through the draperies had the appearance of slices of bacon. The caves were used for many things before the park service took over; parties, weddings, boy scout campouts, and a movie set.
At the day's end, we all got back together and shared adventures over another great meal at the Lectrolux Cafe. We had commandeered the main table for several meals now and were on a first name basis with the owner.

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