Thursday, August 21, 2008

Catawba to Buchanan

Well, we left Bill and Annie's this morning much refreshed. Their hospitality was unrivaled and we are grateful for that and for the chance to make new friends. Flash was used when taking the above picture so that explains why Jack looks demonic (although Bill and Annie's cats may believe that Belinda was holding a demon). On the bikes we had a good start with seven miles of downhill and an overcast sky to keep the temperature down. We noticed this mailbox early as we made our way down Bradshaw Rd.

We zigzaged our way out to Hwy. 11 which was gently rolling all the way to our destination, Buchanan. Our motel for the night is about two miles northeast of town and has the following view just outside our door. When we got to Buchanan, the sun was out and it was hot enough to take a swim, so we did. We usually just jump in with our cycling shorts on, giving them a rinse at the same time as refreshing ourselves.

Tomorrow we go to Vesuvius and from there (on Saturday) cross over the Eastern Divide and will stay at the famous "Cookie Lady's" Biker Hostel in Afton. June Curry, aka "The Cookie Lady", started by giving water to hot cyclists passing by her house in the early days of the Bike Centennial and is much renowned amongst touring cyclists.


Jean-Philippe said...

JPH also wants to know how Jack is doing...lots of new sights and smells.....and by the way did Bill feed you any ramps? I am sure you drank a beer or two together....


Bill said...

I forgot about the ramps (wild mountain leeks) in the freezer. That may be just as well. They might have pedalled all the way back to CA!

Anonymous said...

You guys are in for treat--the scenic overlook from the top Afton Mountain. It is one of my favorites on the Blue Rigdge. I hope it is not hazy!
There is a new groovy microbrewery somewhere on the way down the eastern slope. I cannot remember the name of it!

Happy Trails,

Anonymous said...

Dave and Belinda, just read all your posts-reaaly interesting. You should write a book or at least submit something to the Californian when you come back. It makes me want to hop on my bkie.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just getting caught up on your trip tonight after a week at the cabin with Patty and our new puppy, Maddie. Wow! You guys are almost there! And you've seen so many beautiful sights, and met so many nice people. Good for you! America the beautiful! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Carolee, yeah we had a beer or two and a couple of shots of bourbon as well. Jack is doing great he meets new ball throwin' friends all the time. Bill and Jack hit it off pretty well

Bill, ramps?! Well maybe the next time.

Anne, the weather was perfect and very clear on the Parkway soon we'll catch up with our blogging you'll see a picture or two. We're in Charlottesville today, did we pass that mircobrewery?

Hey Gordon, it's great to see your comment! I hope everything is well with you. Hopping on you bike would be a great thing to do, go get'em.

Hi Leslie, yes we are closing in on the coast now.. with mixed feelings. We are feeling a little road weary and miss home, but don't want it to end at the same time. Three or four more days of riding is all that's left.

Anonymous said...

Leslie, a new puppie, huh? Good for you, what fun.