Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Marion to Newbern

Monday we left Marion continuing on Hwy 11 on our deviation from the official Transamerica route. We kept looking to the right and watching the mountains with a 3000 ft. climb pass by. However, we soon reached Rural Retreat and were back on the official route. We continued on to Wytheville to get to a bike shop for a replacement trailer tire. We replaced one trailer tire in Marshfield, Missouri and needed a new spare. Wytheville had many large, beautiful antebellum homes on the Main St. We headed out of town into rolling terrain with larger hills than the last two days. We took a variety of local roads parallel to Interstate 81 and soon saw one of the most creative mailboxes on the trip; enlarge to see the great details.

Soon we crossed over I-81 and were soon in some beautiful country. The Blue Ridge mountains started to show in the distance. We were still parallel to I-81 when we ended the day in Newbern.

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