Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Falls of Rough to Lincoln's Birthplace

Today we were on the road by seven in the morning and it felt nice and cool. We wound along Rough River Reservoir on Hwy. 79 for a while and then climbed to higher, more open country. The going was fairly easy, and we stopped about every two hours for a snack as is our habit. We really like getting out the door early these days to beat the heat, but also we find we enjoy arriving at our destination a little earlier.Today our destination was Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site on Hwy 31E. We have a rustic cabin just adjacent to the park at the Nancy Lincoln Inn (built in 1926 and named for Abe's mother). It is really a beautiful place and Jack has plenty of room to run.
The park features a neo-classical Memorial Building which contains what is accepted to be the original log cabin that Abe Lincoln was born in. There are 56 steps to the Memorial Building, one for each year of Lincoln's life. After we had finished sightseeing we headed into town for dinner at the Hodgenville Grill. We took a table next to a man seated alone and struck a great conversation. His name was Jim Keith and when he had finished dinner he picked up our check and treated us to dinner. We have found Kentuckians to be very friendly and interested in our trip.


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful there...almost makes you forget the humidity. The log cabins remind me of the "Lincoln Logs" we had when the girls were small and we'd build cool stuff. Checking the map, you guys are closing in on the East Coast. Must be thrilling.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana, We played with Lincoln Logs too!, and in fact, in the visitor center, they had a table with Lincoln Logs for the kids to play with, so we did! What fun.

We figure we have roughly 20 more days of cycling to reach the coast. Some of those miles will be as hard as any other so far. We are excited, a little apprehensive, and conflicted (not wanting it to end, but being a little homesick) all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful country. Love all the historical stuff.