Friday, May 30, 2008

Austin to Eureka

Wednesday we took a rest day in Austin and it rained nearly all day. It was a fairly lazy day, but we did walk out to an old "castle" which was a three story stone building built by a man named Stokes as a vacation house. It reminded us of the tower houses of Ireland. On Thursday we rode out of Austin, and you can see in the picture below some of the switch backs on the climb out of town.
Thursday's ride was short but steep. We climbed three passes in 25 miles. We stopped and camped at a place called Hickison Summit. We had time in the afternoon to take a short hike to view pictographs on rock formations near by. On Thursday the sky was quite dramatic and we kept looking back at the Toiyabe Mountains covered in clouds and snow. While the weather has been challenging, we have been awed by its affect on the landscape.
Today, Friday, we had an easy day of 45 miles with sunshine and high clouds on the way to Eureka. The landscape is getting drier and the Devil's Gate reminded of us of Utah. Our young friend, John from San Francisco (headed for NY), has tentatively decided to stay with us until we cross the Rocky Mountains. Tomorrow we head for Ely with clear weather.

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