Monday, May 12, 2008

First Day On the Road

We got away about 40 minutes later than planned.. not too bad. The day was clear but cool. Perfect for cycling. Once we got out of the Salinas Valley the wind was not a factor. We ate lunch on the banks of the Pajaro River, which had a lot of water in it, more than we expected this time of year. We had a surprise in Aptos. From a passing car there was some yelling and waving, the car pulled over ahead of us and it was our friends Ola Faus, her daughter Jessica, and Jessica's boyfriend. They just happened by at that time and Jessica recognized us by Belinda's pigtails. Well that was some fun. We continued on into Santa Cruz where we stayed with Dave's cousin Donna and her husband Rob. Donna is the historian in Dave's family so it is always interesting to visit with her. She and Rob are very gracious hosts, their hospitality made the perfect close to our first day on the road.


Anonymous said...

Donna & Rob look great!

Anonymous said...

Guess you're falling behind on your entries. Hope you're plugging away and having s great time. The weather here is weird: we had all 4seasons off and on during the day and tornadoes hit Larimer and Weld County. I called Robert twice today, he is invited to a BBQ with us and we'll pick hum up. We're in LGM from tomorrow til Tues noon. God's speed. Gisela