Saturday, May 17, 2008

Vacaville to Sacramento

Yesterday we rode past Lake Solano early on our longest day yet. It was 68.5 miles to Bill's house. Due to the heat we got an early start. We had a very nice ride through the aptly named Pleasant Valley. Then out into the Central Valley for our first flat (mostly) day. The wind was not bad and we made good time to Davis. Every day folks have asked us about our trip and we have met many nice people. In Davis a woman who made the trip last year gave us some good tips. One was to eat at the Electro Lux Cafe in Baker, Nevada. Not to be missed she said. On the American River Bike Path, fatigue had set in and in a moment of sightseeing Belinda ran into the back of the dog cart and fell over. She is unhurt but a little sore. The dog cart did not fair so well, the impact broke a frame tube. We were able to continue with the application of a stick, baling wire, and duct tape (don't leave home without it). We called Bill, and he came down to the bike path to escort us to his house. We were so tired I don't think we could have found our way without his guidance. We will take a rest day (or two) here. Cumulative trip miles 245 and we're just getting the rhythm of the road. Here is Belinda on Tower Bridge at the crossing of the Sacramento River.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful day in Sacramento. You guys covered alot of miles! Dave, it was the Pinot vineyard and we were thinning shoots. Larry really misses you. I told him I'm following your blog and gave him an update. Sonya overheard me talking and inquired about your progress as well. So, the folks at home are united in amazement and admiration.

Anonymous said...

Dianna, thanks for your comments. We really enjoy reading the notes from home. Tell Larry that we are riding past lots of vineyards and that I think of him and the rest of the viticulture crew every time we do. Say hey to Reisa for me too.