Saturday, May 24, 2008

To Carson City

Well today we rode to Carson City. It was a fairly easy ride, mostly downhill with some rolling terrain. A few miles from Carson City, a red Explorer pulled over on the opposite side of the road with horn honking. To our suprise, it was some old friends that all three of us have worked with. Sue and Terry worked with us at Dole. Terry and her husband have retired to Fernley, NV and Sue has bought a house there in advance of her impending retirement also. We were to visit them over the long weekend but our tardiness getting over the mountains has made it impossible. Sue and Terry read our most recent post and figured out where we would be. It was really great to get to see them after all! After our visit the four of us continued into Carson City and checked into a motel. In his room Bill discovered that his rear wheel had a broken spoke. It was already a quarter to five and we had to act fast. Belinda called a bike shop and got the owner to agree to stay untill Bill got there with his wheel, meanwhile Bill (with his wheel) jumped in a cab to get him to the bike shop. Well, wheel repaired and we are ready to roll again tomorrow. Every day a little adventure, a little drama, and a lot of fun! Tomorrow we will ride to Fallon and surpass the 400 mile mark.


Anonymous said...

Your latest post sounds great. Where can I join up with you guys? Just kidding. The 400 mile mark is something to celebrate. Here in California we've gone from blistering heat to phenomenal winds to cold drizzle in the past two weeks. These conditions bode well for a good produce market. Spoken like a true grower, huh?

Michael Podolny said...

Hi - I'm a friend of Diana who told me about your adventure and your blog.

I think it is amazing how much good will there is out there assisting you along.

Dave and Belinda said...

Diana, thanks for the encouragement. You are welcome to join us anywhere along the route. We feel as if we have already run the gamut of weather conditions, but who knows?

Michael, one of our fellow tourists (John from San Francisco) echoed your sentiment in the following way, "I have had my faith in the goodness of people renewed in the last few days."