Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bardstown to Berea

Friday morning there was a coolness in the air when we left Bardstown. We are lucky to have a large cold front moving through the area and dropping the daily high temperatures into the 80's. That morning sure felt like the beginning of fall. We headed north on Hwy 62 and soon reached Springfield after many changes of course on county roads. Since we were heading into the weekend we called ahead about accomodations in Harrodsburg. Well it was a good thing we called since the largest yard sale in the world was happening in Harrodsburg over the weekend. We got one of the last 4 motel rooms available in Harrodsburg for that night. From Springfield we headed to Harrodsburg on Hwy 152. The traffic was amazing when we reached Harrodsburg; the yard sale is conducted along Hwy 127 and people were starting to lay out their stuff by the side of the road. In the parking lot at the motel there were license plates from North Carolina, Arkansas, Ohio and Illinois; people come from 100's of miles away for this event.

Well on Saturday morning we were glad to get away before things got any crazier. We continued east on Hwy 152 and were soon going up and down over rolling hills. Western Kentucky is beautiful with vistas over rolling meadows and woodlands along creeks.

One of the interesting things we've seen in Kentucky has been black barns. The barns in Missouri were all painted red, In Kentucky they are painted black and we have often seen a quilt like motif painted under the peak. They are quite striking.

Tomorrow we enter the western approach to the Appalachians. Posting may be delayed so keep checking back.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you're right about the beauty there. It's a good thing the temps have dropped, if not the humidity (80's aren't bad)! As for the bourbon, whoa, do I remember that in my travels to KY.! According to my musician friend Larry there's a guy that builds beautiful mountain dulcimers for ca. $400 or so in Berea, and he says that's a great starter instrument for thse in the stringed category. You guys will be on the right coast before you know it!!

Anonymous said...

Your comment about feeling like fall is echoed here as the first apples of the season are appearing. And the air has a slight chill on my morning runs. So a cold front in Kentucky means temps in the 80's, huh?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, Berea is something of an artist colony, not that we had any time to check it out! The weather has been one of the good things happening lately. Since Berea the riding conditions have deteoriated, mainly due to coal trucks, combined with roads with no shoulder and poor visabilty due to curves and hills. Enough whining.. it is drop dead beautiful.

Hi Diana, last night I ate two very tasty windfall apples at our B&B outside Booneville. The mornings are definitly cool.. almost cold. This morning we delayed riding due to fog.

jonhblanco said...

its terrific to read along the bicycle adventure of you both, and jack and the ball.
happiness comes to the belly when i read your words describing the beauty that lays along the bluegrass state.
i now know two people who i regard as inspiring and unforgiving generosity.
it will roll along with you.

Dave and Belinda said...

John Blanco, it was so good to talk to you last night. We are glad you got to spend quality time with your Mom and that your residency was a success. We really hope to see you when we reach the coast. We are very greatful for your friendship and will treasure it for years to come.