Monday, August 25, 2008

Buchanan to Vesuvius

Friday morning we left Buchanan later than we wanted because the restaurant didn't open on time. As it was our only chance at to get breakfast we had to wait. After a good breakfast we rode along Hwy. 11 to Lexington where we saw Stonewall Jackson's grave and had a great lunch at an Irish Pub. Leaving Lexington we climbed over a big ridge and then rode up the beautiful valley of the South River to Vesuvius. In Vesuvius we camped behind Gertie's Store and had huge club sandwiches for dinner in the store. The owners are really nice and made us feel like we had been regulars for years. Also camping with us was a young couple, Liz and Brendan, traveling west, who quickly became Jack's latest victims, er.. ball throwin' buddies.


Anonymous said...

Whoppee!!! As we read this on Wed, 8/27, you are due in to Williamsburg tomorrow--and then to wind and surf, this time blowing in from the east. Just got back from 3 days at Nicolette NF, mid-north WI. BLAST ON!

Ray & Brenda

Anonymous said...

Dear Ray and Brenda, we are in Ashland, VA. today. We will be in Williamsburg on the 29th. We will linger on the coast for a few days, taking care of business. Hope you have had a good time in NF. We will e-mail you in a bit.