Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Charlottesville to Ashland

Bob and Donna sent us on our way Tuesday morning near Tom Jefferson's house with fond farewells under an overcast sky. After a steep descent we rode through gently rolling countryside. The overcast kept temperatures cool and it was a good day for riding. As we rode along we couldn't help noticing the brown grass and dying corn fields due to lack of rain. The last signifacant rain was on July 4th. The rain we will get this week will be too late for many of the farmers of Virginia.

As we rode the small back roads we thought that, except for the road pavement, it would be hard to tell just what century we were in. We passed old plantation houses and a log cabin. The Piedmont of Virginia is a beautiful and historic place. We ended the day in Mineral, where we kept dry from the overnight rain thanks to the hospitality of the firefighters of the Mineral Fire Station.

We left Mineral in a light rain which persisted all day. We wound past Lake Anna as we turned south towards Ashland. Just outside of Coatesville we passed the historic home of Patrick Henry. We reached Ashland at about three o'clock and were very glad to get a motel room and get out of the rain.


Anonymous said...

Been loving your entries - hopefully you won't find it too wet as you get further north - recently returned from a soggy trip to New England myself - but congragts on such a wonderful trip so far! JonH

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon, well it's pretty soggy right now! Yesterday's ride was through gentle rain, but this morning it's raining hard. Well, there's nothing for it.. we have to hit the road. We hope everything is well with you.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the map, a few more miles and you will pedal right into the Atlantic Ocean. Will you be heading north? I hear the East Coast is famous for their lobster rolls.

Anonymous said...

The Atlantic Ocean does draw near. We will be heading north but by via auto (new Prius). Can't wait to have some fresh seafood. Had spoonbread last night, but have passed on the bologna burgers. Salad bars are not as good as in Kansas, believe it or not.