Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rest Day at Bill and Annies

Our total mileage for Monday and Tuesday was 116 miles and we jumped at the invitation for a rest day with Bill and Annie. Their home is just outside Salem and very near to Roanoke. Annie took us sightseeing in Roanoke and to the top of Mill Mountain to see panorama of the Roanoke River Valley.

On the top of Mill Mountain is the largest star in the world. It was erected in 1949 and can be seen from 60 miles away on a clear night.

We headed downtown for lunch in the Old Market Place. There were many great shops, restaurants, and a daily farmer's market in the downtown. Roanoke has many amenities and seems like a much larger city. We drove through Roanoke College where Bill was at work and admired the historic buildings. Tomorrow we continue on with approx. 340 miles to Yorktown.


Jean-Philippe said...

Oh my!!! Now doesn't that just do a body good to see two friends (Annie and Belinda in the same photo) from opposite sides of the country hanging out together in the hills of Virginia. I am so happy that you all got to spend some time together. Hug your selves for me will you.

Love Carolee

Anonymous said...

Carolee, hug yourself too for us and thanks so much for connecting us with our new friends Bill and Annie. They are delightful people and most hospitable. Now when they come out west to visit, you will have to share them with us.

Bill said...

So sorry you had to pedal through some rain this morning (after I told you it wouldn't - The Weather Channel lied to me). We really enjoyed your visit. We'll see you in Salinas some day. Be safe.

Carolee, I'm hugging myself!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, well no need to be sorry as it didn't rain on us! I guess all that early on downhill got us out of the rainy area quick enough. I can't begin to tell you how much your hospitality meant to us, as a chance to recover from some hard cycling, but mostly because we have made new friends. We look forward to seeing you two again, hopefully sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

It was too cool to make new friends with an old friend connection! I found myself telling everyone today what a great time I had with Dave and Belinda. The house seems so empty without them! I thought about driving to Buchanan to hang out with them tonight!

Safe travels guys!

Anonymous said...


We had a great time with you guys and it was so neat to connect with others on the same plane. I've already been planning a trip to come back and see you guys.

Jean-Philippe said...

JPH says hi to you all. I need to get him out to Annie and Bill's.

Ok, Party in Salinas.....
Though I hope to make it out to the house in the Virginia hills this fall.

Hugs for now, I am off to Italy on Saturday.