Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aegina to Methana

After breakfast we got a little break from the rain. So, since our ferry to Methana didn't leave until 2:35, we went for a little bike ride. We followed the coast north and then east. We soon came upon the fisherman's boatyard where this boat was the best of the show.

As we continued on we came upon a bronze statue of the Greek Mother by Christos Caoralos. Just nearby was a museum dedicated to his work. Unfortunately the museum was closed but we got a brochure . Much of his sculpture reminded us of Henry Moore's work (though not The Greek

We had a lunch of whole little squid fried, with a sauteed weed, and a very dense corn bread at a taverna on the return. This lunch had a very curious staying power as later that evening neither of us was hungry for dinner.We got back to the waterfront with some time to spare, which we filled drinking ouzo and raki at an open air cafe.

Just as we were boarding the ferry, the sky began to spit again. After a 45 minute ferry ride we were at Methana, where it was raining.

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