Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Friends Found On The Road to Tiros

Yesterday evening as we sat at a seaside cafe in Napflio sipping on our favorite Greek beer, Mythos, we watched this dramatic sky develop.

Later we found a taverna for dinner. As we still haven't adapted to the European habit of dining late, we were the first customers of the night. We became witnesses to a drama played out when a woman came out of the kitchen clearly enraged. She was chewing out one of the other employees with all the disdain she could muster. It doesn't appear wise to cross a Greek woman! Later as other customers filed in, it became apparent that this was a locals favorite with most being greeted as old friends. It was great people watching.

This morning we left Napflio into a head wind, but as we circled around the bay the wind came to be at our backs and stayed there for the rest of the day, hurray! The first ten miles was flat, hurray again!

Then we commenced to ride a coastal roller, climbing the headlands and descending into the coves. At the top of one of the headlands we came upon the first other bicycle tourists we have encountered this trip. They are an amazing family touring the world, and some of the warmest folks you could imagine. Michael and Ciska with their two boys, Jesse and Sammy, have been on the road for two and a half years. They have ridden from L.A. through South America and now are riding a similar swing to ours through Europe. They have been joined by a young friend, Eva. We hope to see them often through Greece and Italy, then our paths will diverge.


Anonymous said...

So glad you guys are having fun! Miss you lots. Jack says hello, he misses you terribly. Hasn't been too mopey, though! Much love, Betsy.

Brenda and Ray said...

Have followed assiduously through passport (near) disaster, rains and all the blessings bestowed by ever welcome iglasakies (little churches). We of course are hanging on every kilometer, narrative, and photo. The new biking "family"/company is simply amazing. Kalo taxidi.

Dave and Belinda said...

Hi Betsy, so glad to hear from you! We are having fun, but miss Jack, and of course, you and Daniel. We wish you all could be here!

Hey Brenda and Ray, so that is what they are called, iglasakies. Thank you for enlightening us on that.

Love to all