Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Methana to Palea Epidaurus

The weather is improving and we awoke to this view.

We left Methana around 9:20 with partly cloudy skies and a cool breeze. The road immediately started to climb and we went through several small villages. The traffic passed us very carefully on the corners. The old men sitting in the kafenias (coffee shops) take notice of us. We are definitely in the countryside at the height of spring. The wildflowers are gorgeous and weeds are being whacked in the olive orchards and everything is green.

The road climbed and climbed and we looked down on places like this. We passed through our first tunnel; it was short and had Greek columns that let in light. The bikes are performing well through all the shifting. We ended the day with a 10% grade descent into our destination town. It is surrounded by lemon and orange groves.

It was a good ride and stoked our hunger for a very late lunch. Tomorrow we'll visit the ancient ruins and head to Nafplio.

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