Saturday, April 16, 2011

Still in Athens

We didn't get out of Athens yesterday after all. When we went to check out the hotel had misplaced Belinda's passport. Yes, instant redline stress. The clerk claimed she had returned the passport when we had checked in, she hadn't. It was only after calling the US Embassy and going to the Police to make a report (required by the Embassy) that the hotel found the passport. All's well that ends well. By this time it was to late to make the ferry to Agina.

So we spent another day in Athens. We wandered the Saturday market, where there was every kind of produce; vegetables, eggs, fish, and of course, the best olives.

On the way back to our hotel we found a liquor store (stress relief, ya know). There we found some of the original, and much better tasting, Budweiser, a product of the Czech Republic.

Well.. We'll try to get out of Dodge again this morning.



patty m. said...

cheers and will follow your blog /have safe too.

anne said...

wow this sounds like such a fun trip..looking forward to following your blog. this is a trip of a life time...

Dave and Belinda said...

Thanks Patty and Anne for your kind wishes. Now if we can just get out of this rain. More rain today, improving over the next couple of days.