Friday, May 27, 2011

Hotel row and then Ravenna

Wednesday May 25 we continued up the coast with a rather monotonous landscape. We rode along the beachfront and the corridor of hotels stretched unbroken for 38 km north of Rimini. Dave commented on how he had heard that Rimini was a major tourist destination, but that may be a British understatement. Here was the starting vista for the day.

We stayed at a nice campground recommended by a young woman in a bar. It was really a full service Italian campground with tent sites, cabins for rent, full bathroom and washing facilities, pool, gourmet restaurant and hotel. From our campsite, we noticed an interesting architectural note on the hotel building.

On Thursday we finally left the hotel corridor behind and found some interesting antique boats being restored in Cesenatico.

When we entered Ravenna we saw that our friend Diana owned a local business.

We found a hotel near the train station and the historical district, cleaned up and headed out into the area. It was a warm evening and the light was just right.

We finished the evening with a spicy meal (yes, spicy) at an Indian/Sri Lankan restaurant next to the hotel. It was great to have chicken and fish curries, mulligatawny stew, papadums, and basmati rice. Tomorrow we go sight seeing in Ravenna.


Diana said...

So glad you found my bar! I hope you patronized it...order the Belini. Sounds like the Italians have a much different take on camping than we do...gourmet restaurant and hotel? Makes hiking/camping in the Desolation Wilderness sound like self imposed torture. What is your route through Northern Italy?

Dave and Belinda said...

Diana, as for the camp ground we neglected to mention the private beach with it's own bar and umbrellas and store. The Belini... we'll give it a try. As per our route, everything changed today. We went from Ravenna to Ferrara instead of Bologna. From here we will make our way to Lago di Garda. Then skip across the southern ends of the other lakes going west.

All the best