Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kephalonia - redefining rugged

We started out with overcast skies and dark clouds to the north. As soon as we got of town we had a steep climb.

Soon there was drizzle and a headwind and on went the rain jackets. The landscape was so imposing that Belinda remarked that it seemed like we were heading toward Mt. Doom (we just couldn't see the eye of Sauron).

We climbed and climbed, the sun came out, and then we saw the shrine of the day, with an inscription that brought joy into our hearts, apple pie!

We paid double homage, one apple and one lemon, to the wisdom of our friends, Ray and Brenda. Their mantra is "never pass up the opportunity to have pie."

After pie, we still had 300 meters to climb in 3.5 km. The grade was steep and we passed buildings that we had looked up at.

We are definitely riding into shape. We didn't suffer on this climb the way we did on some of the big climbs earlier in this trip. It really was a beautiful day. Kefalonia is a great way to end our sojourn in Greece. Tomorrow we do some sightseeing around Sami, and then on Saturday it's on to Italia for us.

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