Monday, May 30, 2011

Into The Hills Again

We left Legnago this morning and continued through flat farm land and small farm towns. Some new crops observed were peaches, tobacco, and radicchio. We began to see more and more of these wood plantations.

They are crops just like the others. They are planted in rows and are even age. Someday they will be harvested for wood or fiber and replanted.

Bicycles are such an important part of the Italian culture that every town has bike lanes next to the important thoroughfares. There are people from all walks in life on bikes, businessmen in suits, grandmas, construction workers, and of course, kids. But in one town we passed through today we saw something we have never seen before, a bicycle dedicated signal light!

The sign at the top means that the bike path is ending, not no bikes allowed. A point of some confusion for us the first time we saw one.

Towards the end of our day we began to wind our way into the hills, gently at first more steeply later. Hills and mountains really make more interesting scenery.

A combination of a poor nights sleep and perhaps a bit of dehydration began to wear us down short of our goal, Lago Garda. So when we saw a sign for an Agriturismo Bed and Breakfast 'Colombarola' we decided to see what it was all about. What a great decision! It is run by two brothers, Luca and Marco.

Marco runs the B&B, while Luca tends the vineyard ands makes some very fine wines. Their hospitality was unrivaled. They gave us a wine tasting and put up with all our questions about grape growing and the wines. Their web site is We are assured of a quiet country night sleep, and tomorrow we will get to the Lago Garda early and will have the energy to find a good campground. We are very pleased that fate put 'Colombarola' in our path.


mas said...

Holy Cats, I just don't see how you two do it?! All these great photos, incredibly interesting and informative blogging, food and wine-tasting, not to mention all that bike-riding. That "on-the-fly" picture was fantastic. I know how difficult and dangerous it is to ride and photograph simultaneously. It was surprising to see that even with all that luggage, Belinda is still wearing a fanny-pack.
Being a HUGE taco fan, it was delightful to see the Italian version. LOVE the food pics! Have fun,
love, mas

Leslie said...

Hey, you guys! Just finished my last final today so I finally had a chance to get caught up on your escapades this afternoon - woohoo - look at you go! This has to be your best adventure yet - so fun!
Love ya! Leslie

Dave and Belinda said...

Thanks Mark. We have a lot of fun posting the blog. Belinda's fanny pack is what passes for her purse. This trip I'm experimenting with something new, I'm carrying a small back pack with a hydration bladder. With that handy water hose hanging over my shoulder I remember to drink more often. The pack is small but functions as sort of a 'man purse' as well. So far I'm pleased with it. Speaking of man purses, we are thinking of doing a blog featuring them as they seem quite the fashion in Italy. It is hard to sneak photos of men wearing them though.

Thanks Leslie, it's had to put a best label on adventures. They are all different and all special. This one will be one we talk about for a long time though (fair warning!).

Love to all!