Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Leaving Gargano

Leaving Vieste on Tuesday May 17 it was raining. It rained pretty much all day. As we rode along we came to Texas. We stopped to see if Belinda's sister Bron was there, but she wasn't in.

The coast was less rugged on the north side of the Gargano peninsula and we saw many trabucco on small outcroppings. Trabucco were fishing machines invented in this area of Italy. The nets are dropped down to intercept schools of fish swimming around the points in the current. It was a way to fish no matter how bad the weather.

We were pretty wet by lunchtime and stopped just outside Peschici to eat and warmup in a small restaurant. Down the road, a nature call was necessary and we came upon this marvelous spot. Does this look like a porta potty to you? It did to us.

In fact we passed many caves like this. A sign at one said they were formed when the area was under water and the rock was 7- 20 million years old. We left the pines and cliffs behind at Rodi al Garganico. After spending the night in Foce San Varano we continued up the coast. We have seen some very rocky fields in southern Italy and this onion field is a good example.

In contrast to the area south of Bari, the masseria in the north of Puglia are in total decay. A masseria was a large farm run by a massoro for the wealthy owner. They were often walled and in south Puglia they were still in occupation or had been converted to fancy restaurants or inns. Here is an example of the decaying version present in the very rich farmland south of Tremoli.

After a long day on Wednesday May 18 with good conditions, but two flats for Belinda, we ended the day in Tremoli. We have a saying now, "when you got a port, you got a fort", but the one in Tremoli was built by a Norman conqueror.

Thursday we will replace our inner tube supply in Tremoli and then head up the coast and into new provinces.

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sandy said...

It all seems familiar but dim with time. The food pics are fabulous and the dialogue absolutely great. It makes one want to sing "on the road again". We bought a Can-Am Spyder(three wheels) and have put in 500 miles already. Had a back repair on L2 but am now up and kicking and can hardly wait to get on the spyder. Your adventure meets all my hopes and expectations and then some. It all is tied up to the people you meet wherever you are. As they say "keep the rubber on the road and stay upright". Love, Sandy