Saturday, May 3, 2008

Arroyo Seco Shakedown Cruise

Monday morning, April 28, Belinda and Jack are
ready to start out on our shakedown tour to
Arroyo Seco. It was a beautiful, cool but sunny
morning. We wanted to try out all our stuff, and
practice touring a little. A flurry of last minute
packing convinced us we needed a list. Out on the road we just flew along. A strong tail wind sent us spinning down River Road. We stopped and ate lunch under an oak at Hillside Vineyard. The wind blew us up Arroyo Seco Road. Once we were inside the canyon mouth the climbing got more serious and the day was getting warm. It was here we learned just how hard pulling the trailer
up hill would be. We stopped at Noggle's Place, the last store before the campground, and bought some beer. It sure tasted good! We hiked up Arroyo Seco Gorge Rd. on Tuesday. It was very pretty as everything is still green. The river still has a lot of water running that's just too cold for swimming yet. The ride home was NOT like our Monday ride. Wednesday the wind was in our face all the way home. It was so strong that often we had to peddle going down hill. Well... we made it home, had a good time, and learned a few things. Friday we were off to REI one last time.

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Anonymous said...

fffbcsuhAll I can say is: Heads and Hats up to you!!!!!! Godd Luck on your trip to us, Gisela and Peter