Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eureka to Ely

Our first day without a cloud in the sky and some super assistance at the same time. Since Bill is ending the trip at the Nevada border, he asked some good friends, Peter and Susan to pick him up. However, they were enthused about providing some support to the trip and so they came two days early. Today they loaded up Bill's Honda with all our gear and we made the 78 mile trip unloaded. Below is John from San Francisco with Belinda, Pete and Susan after the car was loaded with 16 panniers, the dog cart, the dog, and all the camping gear. Later in the day, Pete and Susan showed up with a gourmet lunch much to our surprise and delight.

Early in the ride we spotted this pronghorn antelope quite close to the road. We've also seen some deer in the past couple of days.

In todays ride we crossed four passes. The last and highest was Robinson Pass. after that it was a long down hill finish in Ely. Tomorrow Pete and Susan will sag our gear one more time to Baker. From Baker we enter Utah and will not have internet access for three or four days. We will not be able to post but we will be thinking of all our friends and family. To those who have been making comments here we thank you. We have enjoyed this connection with you all very much. Keep those comments coming.

To John's Mom, your son is a very fine young man. We are enjoying his company on our ride very much. You can be very proud of him.


Anonymous said...

Your stories and adventures continue to reach new heights (no pun intended). What a relief to ride without the baggage! How is Jack liking his RV?

mas said...

Wow, what spectacular pictures! I really loved the switchbacks out of Austin and the Toiyabe Mountains shot. I'm following your course on Google's fantastic new "Terrain" map, which shows elevations and geographical features. Was there a campground at Hickison Summit, or did you just find a good "site" on your own?

Good luck with the weather!

Anonymous said...

Diana, it was a great relief at the perfect time, a 78 mile stretch of road without services. The next day Pete and Susan sagged for us again to Baker. Jack is having a good time and he gets lot's of new friends to throw the ball for him.

Mark, That sounds like a neat feature from Google. There is a nice campground (free too)at Hickison Summit run by the BLM, but there is no water, so we had to carry lot's of extra water for camping and the next day's ride.