Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Palea Epidaurus to Napflio

Epidaurus was an important place from around 6000 - 87 B.C. The town was surrounded by fertile land and had a good port. A cult of health and cleanliness sprang up and made the place famous. We started out of town and visited the old theatre.

After that it was all uphill the rest of the morning, but the wildflowers and the quiet road made it bearable.

As mentioned in a previous post, we are taking pictures of roadside shrines. Most of these pictures will be on the climbs, since we fly down the hills around 30 miles an hour or more. The shrine of the day (best one of many good ones) is in a classic Greek setting with a mountain, a small village and an olive grove.

As we got closer to Napflio there were Mycenean ruins near the road. Here is a bridge circa 1500 B.C.

We were on a large road for over 1/2 the day. Traffic on this main road was fairly heavy due to the impending Easter holiday. We were pleasantly surprised by the courteousness of the truck drivers. We even had a couple of encouraging honks from passenger vehicles. One fellow on a motor scooter slowed way down next to us to give a big grin and thumbs up before roaring off with a wave. We found a pension in the old part of Napflio and got the last room (the attic) from which we have a splendid view of the old Venetian fort.

After some good food and sleep tonight, we head down the coast tomorrow to Paralio.


Daniel said...

Cool! (sorry i don't have anything more interesting to say, but that's my first impression reading your posts)

anne said...

wow!! love the pictures...

Dave and Belinda said...

Hey Daniel, it is cool. Wish you were here.

Anne, Glad you're enjoying the scenery. A lot of people only think of Greece for it's islands. Our route attempts to see more of the southern mainland (actually Pelopennese peninsula).

Leslie Lambert said...

Hi David and Belinda!
Another epic adventure off to a fun and exciting start! I love Nafplio! I'm jealous! Maybe someday Lloyd and I can come with you on one of these adventures, much smaller scale of course! Like south of France...just saying...

We went over to Santa Cruz on Saturday to see Daniel's bad perform at Streetlight Records - they're really good! So fun!

Love ya! Leslie

Leslie Lambert said...

Oops! I got a new computer - a MAC - and it "corrected" some of the words in my post ---it should be Daniel's BAND perform - sorry, Daniel - it was great!!!! Jeesh, the last thing I need is my computer putting my foot in my mouth! Ha ha!

Patty L said...

For a quick laugh go to:

Unknown said...

Hey Guys we are still in Areopoli.
Hiding from the wind.
Tomorrow off towards Kalamata.
Love your blog and writing.
Check-out: For your pic.
Hope to catch-up.
Michael and family