Sunday, May 8, 2011

Greece - Parting Shots

We are writing this on the ferry to Brindisi, Italy. It seems too soon to be leaving Greece. It is a wonderful country filled with honest, warm people. The topography is nothing short of amazing. If you like wildflowers (who doesn't!), Spring is the time to come. A little Spring rain is small price to pay for the spectacular beauty.

The camera does not do the flowers justice.

Like we said above, the Greeks are honest and warm people, but they have a few quirks to our American minds. In their cars the Greeks are a little bit anarchistic. Behind the wheel they do pretty much as they please. We've seen them stop in the middle of their lane on a mountain road to have a cell phone conversation, other traffic just has to adjust, and does. Parking is willy-nilly. They park with two wheels on the side walk, or completely on the side walk. Parking often blocks half the street, and we've seen them double park in front of the police station.

In the picture above the yellow line is a no parking zone. At least no one is on the side walk.

The Greek people love coffee! We calculate (actually, we speculate) that each adult Greek spends about four hours a day drinking coffee, unless they are retired men, then they spend the morning drinking coffee and the afternoon drinking ouzo!

There are some beautifully constructed houses in Greece, but often it seems that they just don't get around to finishing them.

One thing that impressed us was how progressive the Greeks are with regard to alternative energy. We passed many village size solar voltaic arrays and almost every house has solar hot water. Many of the round top mountains have wind turbines on top.

The recycling program is also impressive. Every small village has a recycling dumpster next to the garbage dumpster. In one of our campgrounds, the proprietor's wife went through the garbage cans and separated the recyclables if the campers had thrown them away.

We've made reference to the abundance of food served and we have concluded that the ubiquitous French fries are the best fries ever. They are cooked in olive oil and are great, hot or cold. The grilled food is the highest quality, while they over cook any sauteed meat. A must eat item is lamb in the oven, which is the slow cooked lamb mentioned in an earlier post.

The picture above really shows the average 35 euro room. What it doesn't show is the kind older couple in their 60's that run the business. Every one of the proprietor's tried to make us comfortable and satisfy what ever needs we communicated to them.

Greece is a wonderful place, and has claimed a spot near the top of our list of livable places. Efharisto, Hellas (thank you, Greece).


Diana said...

Great summary of your time in Greece. The underground lake and cave pics were phenomenal. (P.S. Lamb roasted as you described it is on the menu for a future Sunday dinner!)

Dave and Belinda said...

Thanks Diana, and way to go! with the Greek cooking! Next up Italian, but I suppose there is nothing new for you with that cuisine.