Thursday, May 19, 2011

On Up The Coast

We got a late start out Vieste today. We stopped at a bike shop for more inner tubes and patch kits due to Belinda's flats. Then we stopped at a super market to renew our food supplies. We try to maintain a healthy balance of all the important food groups.

So THAT'S what's in those water bottles! Actually one of our bottles has always been designated to some form of aqua vita. In Greece it was ouzo. We like ouzo. In Italia we have been drinking grappa, but when we saw the Four Roses Bourbon in the store nostalgia for home hit and we just had to get some. Salute!

The riding was easy, mostly pleasantly rolling to flat terrain. Along the coast we saw many trabucco.

We also saw this tower, and adjacent tavern. The tower is currently a private residence. How cool would it be to live in a medieval tower?

As we rode along we began to notice an abundance of other bicyclists on racing bikes. More cars than usual were honking and giving us thumbs up. When we saw the Goodyear blimp hovering, we began to suspect that the Giro di Italia (one of the most important bicycle races in world) was in the neighborhood. Sure enough it was confirmed by our host that the race had passed our B&B the day before and was still nearby.

We stopped just south of Ortona at a very nice B&B on a cliff overlooking a pretty beach and two trabucco. We had wanted to camp, but most campgrounds are still closed this early in the year. We lucked out finding this B&B. The setting is beautiful and our host prepared us a delectable meal of fresh fish.

Tomorrow our goal is to get past the big city of Pescara. Buona notte.


Daniel said...

Grappa! Have a drink for me!

Marco said...

Dave and Belinda we received your present. Thank you!!! :)
I think you're doing a great job and fortunally it rained very few.
My family say hello!!!

Leslie Lambert said...

There goes David and Belinda weaving down the road..luckily they have guard rails, you lushes! Ha ha!

Dave and Belinda said...

Daniel, salute! You too Leslie... Hic

Marco, wish your family all the best from us and again, thank you. We will stop just short of Ancona today.

Love to all